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Current Java release

The current release of Alida is 3.0.2.

Since release 2.3 we support Maven for managing Alida's project resources.
You can download Alida following the links below in the table and also as Maven artifacts from our Maven server:

For download the following files are of interest:

  • Distribution: the complete Alida Distribution including all dependencies and documentation (zip format)
  • Binaries only: the Alida binaries only, mainly suitable for development purposes (note that dependencies are not included here)
  • API: the Alida Javadoc API (jar format)

Alida's source code is also available from Github:

Note that since version 2.7 Alida's implementation strictly requires Java 1.8.

Long-term archival of major releases

Major releases of Alida are archived at Zenodo including a persistent DOI for citations:

Using Alida in your own code

For using Alida as a library in your own code the most easy way to fulfill all requirements and dependencies is to use Maven.
Since Alida version 2.4 we offer a template Maven project which you can use as a starting point for your work:

  • Maven-Template Project: zip

Just unzip the archive to a directory of your choice and follow the instructions in the README file included.
The project already defines all repositories and dependencies required to use Alida's functionality.


Detailed information about Alida, its API and usage, can be found in the user and programmer manual.

  • Alida-Manual, Version 3.0.2 pdf (April 2021)

Additional resources

  • Chipory - a graph visualization tool for displaying MiToBo history graphs
    Chipory is an extended version of the Chisio software developed at the Bilkent University in Turkey.

The zip file below contains all necessary files. Download this file and unpack it into a folder of your choice.

  • To use Chipory on a Linux system with 32-bit architecture just type './'.
  • In case that your machine has a 64-bit architecture running Linux, call './'.
  • For Windows with 32-bit architecture a self extracting installer including an executable of Chipory is available.

Download the current release as of 7-12-2012:

Source code for Chipory is available upon request.


  • Alida logo as PDF
  • Grappa logo as PDF

Release Archive (>= 2.3)

Version Distribution Binaries only API Date
3.0 zip jar jar May 15th, 2020
2.7.13 zip jar jar February 20th, 2020
2.7.12 zip jar jar September 12th, 2019
2.7.11 zip jar jar July 25th, 2019
2.7.10 zip jar jar February 11th, 2019
2.7.9 zip jar jar December 12th, 2018
2.7.8 zip jar jar September 3rd, 2018
2.7.7 zip jar jar May 18th, 2018
2.7.6 zip jar jar March 23rd, 2018
2.7.5 zip jar jar November 10th, 2017
2.7.4 zip jar jar July 29th, 2017
2.7.3 zip jar jar December 12th, 2016
2.7.2 zip jar jar May 20th, 2016
2.7.1 zip jar jar May 20th, 2016
2.7 zip jar jar March 15th, 2016
2.6 zip jar jar June 17th, 2015
2.5 zip jar jar March 30th, 2015 (Callbacks)
2.4.4 zip jar jar Jan 7th, 2015
2.4.3 zip jar jar Dec 1st, 2014
2.4.2 zip jar jar Jul 25th, 2014
2.4.1 zip jar jar Jul 18th, 2014
2.4 zip jar jar Jun 29th, 2014
2.3.1 zip jar jar Jan 31st, 2014
2.3 zip jar jar Jan 16th, 2014

Release Archive (< 2.3)

In the pre-Maven era Alida's dependencies on external jars had to be managed manually. Alida required some external jars included in the Alida binary zipfiles (since v2.0).

For earlier versions the following external jars are needed to use Alida:

In addition, Alida requires some more libraries which are in-house developments:

  • Alida requires some graphml extensions to be found in aldgraphml.jar.
  • Since release 2.2 saving and loading of configurations is based on XML beans, hence Alida requires some additional xml packages to be found in alida-xmlprovider.jar.
  • The graphical operator runner features an online help system based on JavaHelp System which is included in Alida-Help.jar.

If you download the Alida binary zipfile you will find these two libraries in the subdirectory intjars of the zipfile.
Make sure that all of them are in the classpath when executing the operator runners.

Version Binaries Sources API Date
2.2.1 zip zip zip May 17th, 2013 (Bugfix Release)
2.2 zip zip zip May 17th, 2013
2.1 zip zip zip February 28th, 2013
2.0 zip zip zip December 20th, 2012
1.2 zip zip zip March 2nd, 2012
1.1 zip zip zip Sep 14th, 2011
1.0 zip zip zip May 9th, 2011

Alida in C++

Alida's concept is implemented in Java and prototypically in C++ (the implementation can be found here).
Note that only the Java version is currently under active development and maintenance. The C++ implementation is in a rather early state lacking lots of features.